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We’ve been living in our mountain home for one whole week and there are boxes EVERYWHERE.

I created a Move Day wish list before we started packing, which specified that each box had to magically appear in the room it was meant to be in on the day of the move, and that we had to unpack each room with lightening speed until each and every box was unpacked before the end of our first weekend in our new home. Move Day wish list? More like Move Day wishful thinking.

The jig is up, people. Moves. Are. Messy. You can colour code and checklist the crap out of it, but at the end of Move Day you’re still going to end up with at least five boxes that, when you open it in your new home, will look like your cat packed it. While high on magic marker. With his paws taped together with packing tape.

Messy as it may be, one of my favourite things about moving is unpacking and finding the perfect spot for décor items (which in my case is mostly made up of white ceramic EVERYTHING – I’m mildly obsessed). Another thing I love about moving is deciding on the perfect layout for each room. I always look to Instagram and Pinterest for ideas and this time around I found some treasures too good not to share, so today I’m featuring Instagram interior accounts that inspire me. I hope they inspire you too!


I love the natural and simplistic charm of the Hutchinsons’ home. This is a bright, open and airy space filled with plenty of natural elements such as wood, stone and plants. Bright. White. Neutral. Perfection. Their three adorable tiny humans most definitely up the charm factor!

Retro Glam

Elsie, founder of A Beautiful Mess, and her husband recently renovated their beautiful 1970s Nashville home. The now bright, airy and colourful space is in stark contrast to the 80s/90s home they bought 18 months ago (see the before home tour video here). Elsie has an amazing eye for detail and effortlessly mixes patterns, colours, and décor items in a way that I would never even dream of attempting. Seriously crushing on her collection of rainbow colored glassware!


Christine Yoon’s cozy, organic home is filled with comfortable couches, beautiful rugs, gorgeous drapes, plenty of mirrors and LOTS of plants. The simple white wall / hardwood floor canvas is filled with organic decor items in hues of white, green and brown, which is tastefully and thoughtfully decorated. Delicious!


Chelsea’s Baltimore apartment is what boho décor dreams are made of. She’s made the most of her small space by filling it with eclectic items such as mismatched side tables and chairs, woven baskets, plants, and her cute collection of cats! I love her rusty orange couch, and I am completely in love with her gorgeous white headboard.


This playful space with delightful pops of colour and interesting décor pieces (like the pink Evian crate turned shelving unit) is what I would imagine a unicorn dwelling would look like. In love! Mother of two, Anki, cleverly mixes pastels with brights against a backdrop of stark white floors and walls. I simply adore this space.

My personal decorating style is largely influenced by neutral, minimalistic décor styles, but I’m seriously crushing on some of these colourful and eclectic spaces. Which one is your favourite?

Featured image via @elsielarson  

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