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“My name is Asta, and I’m an app snob.”

Small town living has instilled in me the need to live a simplified, clutter-free life, and my mobile phone is no exception. I’m BAIE picky when it comes to apps. When reviewing a new app, I ask myself one question: “Will it simplify my life?” If the answer isn’t 100% yes, then I won’t download the app, nee dankie, no matter how beautiful or stylish it might look! I do however have a handful of apps on my iPhone that I absolutely cannot live without. Here’s a list of my favourite apps, and why I adore them.


TripAdvisor, has been our constant Eastern Cape road trip companion. We use it to plan upcoming trips by exploring tourist attractions, hotels and restaurants; browsing reviews; and discovering new places. TripAdvisor also gives you an option to compare airfares and hotel rates, and reserve restaurant tables online! Pragtig.

My favourite thing about the app, is the Travel Timeline feature, which uses your location to create a timeline of your travels, and then sends you personalised travel recommendations (be sure to click the ‘While Using’ location setting, otherwise the app will continue running in the background, even when it’s not open, decreasing your phone’s battery life). ‘My Trips’, is another cool feature, which is basically like an in-app Pinterest travel board. You can save all of your wish-list destinations on one map, and start planning your dream trip!


Fitstar, in a nutshell, is a video-based personal trainer on your iPhone. I started looking into at-home fitness options when I changed from an office-based job, to working from home. I’ve never been much of a fitness junkie, but my activity levels dropped dramatically during the first few months as a work-from-home cat mom, and with a massive gym shortage in town (yep, no gym!) I looked to my iPhone for fitness salvation. I reviewed a number of apps before I settled on Fitstar. What I like about Fitstar, is that you can get fit, and stay fit anytime, anywhere – whether you’re at home, at the office, or on the road! The app has a free, ‘Beginner Basics’ program, with an option to go Premium, which gives you unlimited access to all of the programs, and a cool feature called ‘Freestyle Sessions’, which is great for when you want to mix things up a bit.

Fitstar is easy to use, and clever too! New exercises are added regularly to keep things fresh, and the program adjusts to your fitness capabilities, goals, and in-app feedback, just like a personal trainer would!


Trello, is a magical project management app, which has the ability to organise pretty much your entire life. Alles. I currently use it to track my freelance writing projects and manage clients; as an editorial calendar for HGHU; and to share shopping lists and household to-dos with my André (you can collaborate with different people and teams who have access to the app).

Think of Trello as a mobile cork board, with searchable, shareable, digital sticky notes. You can add deadlines, colour coding, and copy and archive tasks to your heart’s content. Briljant! I have to admit though, I only reeeally started utilising Trello #likeaboss after signing up to this course. Now, I’m a magical project management unicorn. With shiny wings. And to-do lists for daaays. Happiness!

Social Media

Planoly, is a beautiful, easy to use, visual planner and scheduler for Instagram. I absolutely adore this app, and use it daily. Planoly has so many amazing features, such as scheduling content in advance; tracking analytics; replying to comments in-app; and for marketers, collaborating with and managing teams.

My favourite feature? The ‘drag and drop’ feature, which allows you to arrange (and rearrange, and rearrange to your heart’s content) the look of your feed. AND. Everything I’ve mentioned can be done from your desktop too. It’s genius. Baie slim. En mooi.


Filmborn, from Mastin Labs, is a simple, but powerful true-to-film photography app, which will prettify your photos AND educate you on film photography. “At Mastin Labs our goal is not to replace film, but introduce a new generation of photographers of all levels to its beauty and timelessness through true-to-film presets, giving photographers the look of genuine film in three steps or less,” says creator, Kirk Mastin.

There are nine beautiful film stocks to choose from, and customise to match and compliment your personal photography and editing style, and you have the option of taking photos with the in-app camera or editing photos directly from your camera roll. As a bonus, you can join the Filmborn User Group on Facebook – a wonderful, creative, and supportive community of professional and novice photographers. View examples of Filmborn edited photos here, and prepare to fall in love, appily ever after.

Yay for apps, and the simplified joy they bring to our lives!

What’s your all-time favourite mobile app?

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