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The first month of a new year, and the first week of a detox or new fitness regime, is always a struggle for me. Try as I might, I always buckle in the first week, or month. And so, I’ve learnt to be gentle with myself during those first days and weeks, and to allow myself a period of ‘adjustment’.

The start of this year was no different. Armed with resolutions and good intentions, I grabbed my unicorn by the reigns and set off into the 2017 sunrise, whistling (off-tune), checking off to-do lists, hustling, hustling hustling…until I tripped over a proverbial rock, stubbed my proverbial toe, put a proverbial Band-Aid on it, and off I went again. Until. I tripped and fell on a proverbial doughnut, *with my mouth*, spilling the contents of my proverbial green smoothie all over the proverbial fairy garden. And here we are, at the end of January, and again I have to remind myself to be gentle, while I repeat, “You did your best.”

False starts aside, January was filled with magnificent weather, delicious food, and as always, small town adventuring. Here are my January highlights:


This month saw the launch of a new blog series, Wanderlust Wednesday. Seeing as January is smalltownversary month, we decided to explore our own small town, Somerset East. My Andre and I went for sunrise walks and captured everyday things, instead of focussing on the obvious, touristy SE sights (of which there are plenty!), and we arrived home with a beautiful collection of small town details.


I kicked off my ‘Unicorn Juice’ smoothie series with a green bang. This detox smoothie is the perfect fitness companion and a must try. I have to admit, green smoothies aren’t reeeally my thing, but I was pleasantly surprised by the gentle hint of ‘green’ in this smoothie.

On to my favourite January project, my #notesfromaunicorn postcard project. Born out of a need to connect with friends and family on a more authentic level, and a love for photography, #notesfromaunicorn is an opportunity for me (and you!) to connect and reconnect with friends and family who live far away. Each month I will mail a collection of four postcards (featuring photos of our EC travels) to friends (old and new) and family, all over the globe. This month my postcards travelled to Cape Town, Johannesburg, and Denmark. Share in the magic, sign up here!


Oh appy days! I personally have a love/loathe relationship with apps. There are SO many apps out there, demanding to be downloaded, so I waded through the muck to bring you the best in category across travel, fitness, productivity, social media, and photography. Plesier.


January was a month of anniversaries. I celebrated my one-year blogiversary, and Andre and I celebrated 365 days of small town adventuring. The celebrations brought with it an opportunity to reflect on the positive changes our leap into small town living introduced into our lives; and to appreciate the understated beauty of small towns. Have a look-see.

As you may know, one of my New Year’s resolutions is to document our adventures in scrapbooking form. So I embraced my inner scrapping geek, and started a 2017 ‘Messy Book’. I have considered myself a closet scrapper for years, but it wasn’t until I stumbled upon A Beautiful Mess’s gorgeous products, that I seriously started considering it as a hobby. It’s not exactly scrapbooking as you and I know it, but the recovering perfectionist in me is absolutely thrilled with ABM’s take on scrapbooking – it’s a not-so-messy messy book! My January sleeves are still a work in process, but is at a point where I’m happy to start showing it off 😉


I hope your January was amazing. Smile, breathe, and go gently into February x


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