Life As A Small Town Girl

Six months ago my loves and I embarked on a grand adventure, which saw us moving cross country to a sleepy little town in the heart of the Karoo. Now that might not seem like an adventure to some, but it’s been one exciting journey for this city girl! Having lived in and around cities my entire life I have always yearned for a simpler life – so you can imagine that it didn’t take much convincing when this opportunity presented itself.

Fast-forward six months…

I’m happy to report that The Boyfriend is doing very well in his new job – which was the reason for the move, so dankie tog! He works with a great group of creatives and in a couple of months they’ll be moving into an amazing collab workspace with THE BEST view in town (as hard as it is for me to admit, their mountain view trumps our mountain view…). Of course his inner geek misses being able to pop out to buy the latest tech toys and going to the movies every weekend (or three times in one weekend as he’s been known to do!) but thankfully Netflix has been a pretty good substitute, and Takelot delivers to rural South Africa! 😉 Plus, living at the foot of a mountain has done wonders for his creativity, here’s proof. Isn’t he just the best??

The cat kids are loving their new home. Liquorice found himself a Cat Cave inside our ‘cupboard under the stairs’. He’s always been a bit skittish so this cupboard is the perfect hideaway when The Evil Vacuum Cleaner is about; and Bubblegum found a ‘secret doorway’ that leads into the first floor ceiling where she likes to spend her days getting her pretty white lyfie full of dust and remnants of who knows what else lives (or died) up there. We’ve also semi-adopted another cat kid! Oreo doesn’t like human interaction but he LOVES food. He sleeps in our yard and gives us evils through the kitchen window until we feed him. He totally owns us.

I’m doing peachy as well. I’m writing full time and in my spare time I work on ideas for Half Girl Half Unicorn. I’ve always seen this blog as a doorway into a wonderfully creative world, filled with DIY, sewing and photography projects and I’m working hard behind the scenes to make that happen! I’ll never tire of waking up to our mountain view and I absolutely love that we live in a town with one grocery store and no traffic lights.

On that note, I drove a car for the first time in six months the other day! I’ve never enjoyed driving so I consider myself BAIE lucky to live within walking distance of everything this town has to offer, which isn’t much in terms of amenities, but it’s enough – and that’s been the recurring theme throughout this story of ours: happily living with less. Getting by without city comforts, but also living with less of the negative and unhealthy things this world has to offer:

  • Less traffic
  • Less pollution
  • Less stress
  • Less junk food
  • Less crime
  • Less allergies

And by living with less we’ve made room for more of the good stuff, highlights of which include:

Here’s to living with less – a life beautifully simplified. Why don’t you give it a go? Start small. Give something up for a month and see how it impacts your life. Cycle to work; skip the morning Woolies coffee and muffin run; leave work ON TIME. Live a little more. With less.

Living with less for the past 6 months has done wonders for this city girl turned small town adventurer. It’s been the best of times and…the best of times!


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    November 16, 2016 at 21:03

    Just came across your blog and loving what I’ve read so far! Can’t wait till I can set aside some time and read all your posts!

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      December 5, 2016 at 16:40

      Thank you for the lovely comment, Jenny! 🙂

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