Karoo Chronicles · March Highlights

March was moving month! We moved into #ourmountainhome two weeks ago and it’s still a big ol’ mess but I’m looking forward to sharing our interior decorating adventures with you once the house starts taking shape. It might take a while for us to fill the space, but we’re having so much fun nesting in this old home with its high ceilings, hardwood floors and magnificent mountain views.

As with any old house, it came with a few quirky touches, extremely low door frames being one of them. My Andre is exceptionally tall (an impressive 1,95m) and it’s taken the poor thing two weeks to get used to ducking every time he enters a room! The cat kids have adapted really well and have already found their favourite napping spots. These days you’ll find Liquorice peacefully tucked away in the darkest corner of an old wooden cabinet which came with the house, while Bubblegum still enjoys the vast open plains of our bed, which now comes with an even better mountain view.

I’ll be sharing photos of our new home soon, but for now here are my March highlights:


My March Wanderlust Wednesday post was a throwback to a short but extremely sweet getaway to celebrate four years of loving my Andre. Every year we try to do something special to celebrate our anniversary and I have to say, this was my second favourite anniversary so far – my favourite being our first anniversary (a picnic boat ride on a wine farm just outside Montagu). It was so relaxing and oh so picturesque. We got dressed up for dinner, enjoyed sunset cocktails, and breathtaking views of the Tsitsikamma Mountains.


Pretty smoothies are the best smoothies, and my Exotic Dragon Fruit smoothie, with it’s subtle pink base and specks of dragon fruit seeds and coconut, is one of the prettiest I’ve made so far. What’s your go-to smoothie recipe? I’m always up for trying new recipes so would love to hear from you.

I have a confession to make… The move kept us so busy this month, that I haven’t had time to create and mail my March #notesfromaunicorn, so in April I’ll be sending a double batch – let me know if you want one!


If you’re looking for some interior inspiration, look no further than this post. I had a really hard time selecting just five of my favourite interior Instagrammers, but here they are, best in category (in my IG feed anyway!) across minimalistic, organic, quirky, bohemian, and retro glam. Which one is your favourite?


Scrapbooking is hands down my favourite way to spend my Sundays these days and I’m itching to get scrapping again, but sadly everything is still packed away in boxes (for some reason my study is always the last room to get sorted out!) so for now I’ll leave you with this, and this sneak peak into our new house 😉

I hope your March was amazing, here’s hoping that the second quarter of 2017 will be as wonderful as the first x

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