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Moving halfway across the country has been a bittersweet, and liberating experience for me. I absolutely adore living in small town South Africa, and the opportunity came around at the perfect time for our little family, but moving to this picture perfect part of the world meant saying goodbye to friends and family. The silver lining is that it also meant saying hello to new friends here in town; and around the country and world, from my little corner of the internet – and newfound friends can become family too!

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to connect more with friends and family. These days, by default, we turn to texting, phoning, Skyping, and social media to connect with loved ones who live far away, and while it’s extremely convenient, it lacks that personal touch. A handshake, a hug, a smile – that’s what connecting is all about, an intimate exchange between people. Unfortunately for me, the nearest such handshake, hug, or smile, is a two-hour drive to the airport + a two-hour flight + another one-hour drive from the airport, or, a 10-hour drive by car!

We’ve completely embraced the art of slow living since moving to the Karoo, and this year, I want to embrace that even further by connecting with friends and family, from all corners of the world, via good old fashioned snail mail – because the next best thing after a warm handshake, a big hug, and a happy smile, is receiving a handwritten note from a loved one. And to up the personal factor, I’ve started creating my own postcards, using photos from our travels around the Eastern Cape.

I had so much fun with this project, that I turned it into a quick tutorial, so you can send notes to your loved ones too! Scroll down for a quick how-to, and a free postcard printable.

And if crafting’s not your thing…

I’ll be mailing monthly postcards to friends, old and new, and I’d love to send one to you! If you would like to receive #notesfromaunicorn, send your address to (addresses won’t be used for any other purposes, belowe) with a short note about your hopes and dreams for the new year, then I will send a little love your way in the form of encouragement, unicorn wisdom, or maybe even a little self-penned poem. Help me spread some unicorn magic by joining the #notesfromaunicorn postcard project. Postcards are limited, so get in quick!

‘Notes from a Unicorn’ Postcard Tutorial

What you’ll need:

  • My free Notes from a Unicorn postcard printable
  • 1 sheet of A4 matte photo paper
  • A pair of scissors, or a paper cutting blade and a ruler
  • 4x stamps


I used a Canon Pixma MG5740 printer. You may want to play around with your printer’s settings, using normal paper and black ink, before committing to printing in colour on photo paper:

  1. Download my Notes from a Unicorn postcard printable.
  2. Print page 1 of the template using the following settings:
  • Paper size: A4 borderless
  • Pages: From 1 to 1
  • Media: Matte photo paper
  • Print quality: High
  1. Feed the same paper, photo side up, through the printer again.
  2. Print page 2 of the template using the above settings again, but set ‘Pages’ to ‘From 2 to 2’.
  3. Cut along the edge of each image, using the photo side of the final print as a guide.
  4. Write a lovely little note on the back of each postcard.
  5. Stamp it, and mail it!

I’d love to see your creations, so post ‘em and tag ‘em! #notesfromaunicorn

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