Sandton To Somerset East

Hello from a hot and sunny Somerset East!

What a journey it’s been. This past week has been a blur of bittersweet farewells, packing, road tripping, cat sitting, sightseeing, sneezing (Jozi’s farewell gift to us – his and hers colds!), a bit of unpacking and a myriad of introductions.

We departed Jozi on a rainy Wednesday eve – I would like to believe that the old gal was sad to see us go, hence the tears.

We stopped over in Clarens and spent the evening in a gnome cottage in a magical fairy garden. TRUE STORY. Check it out:

Gnome Cottage & Garden_Low Res

This was definitely the highlight of the trip for me. This quaint little cottage, aptly named Gnome Cottage, is set in a picturesque, private garden close to the centre of Clarens. The best part about it? It’s pet friendly. The cat kids loved it – I’m pretty sure they thought it was our new home!

We got lost leaving Clarens the next morning (The Boyfriend and I are both directionally challenged…) and ended up taking the scenic route. In the wrong direction. For an hour. It was such a beautiful route so all in all it wasn’t the worst thing that could’ve happened! 😉

We spent the rest of the journey counting sheep. Literally. ALL OF THE SHEEP. The closer we got to Somerset East, the more sheep there were! As it turns out we now reside in sheep farming country.

We arrived in our new hometown just after dusk on Thursday evening so we couldn’t fully appreciate the view from our bedroom balcony, but the next morning we were greeted by this stunner…


Hello mountain! Your bedroom view should be jealous of our bedroom view.

There you have it – a 12hr journey compressed into 325 words. 

I’ll post some photos of the house and the town as soon as we’re all settled in. Right now we’re off to make new friends at a ‘welkom braai’. Somerset East Meat Feast. Yum!


Featured image source: www.karooheartland.com

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