Somerset Nest

I’m writing this post from our balcony, accompanied by a bowl of muesli, a beautiful view of the Boschberg Mountain, and the sound of birds chirping. Life is sweet.

I spent most of the week in bed nursing my farewell gift from Jozi – an ogre of a cold. Needless to say, I haven’t had an opportunity to explore our new hometown yet, so today my weekly roundup will showcase snippets of our new home.

She is a beauty. Creaky floorboards, quaint little nooks and crannies, mismatched door knobs and faded paint – she needs a bit of work but for now, we’re enjoying her imperfections.

According to Oom Francois (a 79-year-old Somerset East resident who has appointed himself as our official tour guide and guardian angel) this property once belonged to a wealthy businessman. The huge property has since been subdivided into four smaller properties, but while this man lived here with his wife the main house was the one you can see peeking out from behind the trees in this photo. Apparently his wife was quite lovely and one of the town’s beauties. She loved entertaining and dancing and begged her husband to build her a dance studio at the other end of the property – and so our house was built.

The second level, which has been subdivided into four rooms: master bedroom with en-suite bathroom (I’m currently sitting with my back to this room), a second and third bedroom as well as a second bathroom; was one big studio back in the day. If I close my eyes I can imagine her guiding and gliding people across the dance floor behind me. Gosh, I love a house with stories!

Our apartment in Johannesburg was brand new – we were the first people to move in and although it was quite a treat living in a newly built apartment, I must say I do prefer a house with a bit of history and character. We haven’t finished unpacking everything yet, but I’ve done my best to ensure that parts of the house look homey – here are a few photos:

IMG 1_1000_Edit

IMG 3_2122

IMG 4_2123 & 2136

IMG 5_2157

These well-travelled beauties are adapting well to the Karoo climate

IMG 6_2195

Doorstop chic: Finally my collection of bunnies have a sense of purpose in life

IMG 7_2208

IMG 10_2111

IMG 8_2202

IMG 9_2212

I can’t wait to turn this old house into our nest! I already have a number of projects lined up. I’ll post regular updates on Instagram using the hashtag #SomersetNest so you can follow the progress there. If you have any DIY tips and ideas please do share!

I’m going to say goodbye to this gorgeous green view for now and make my way downstairs to unpack the last of the boxes.

Have a beautiful day!


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