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Friday Favourites · Instagram Interior Inspiration

We’ve been living in our mountain home for one whole week and there are boxes EVERYWHERE. I created a Move Day wish list before we started packing, which specified that each box had to magically appear in the room it was meant to be in on the day of the move, and that we had to unpack each room with lightening speed until each and every box was unpacked before the end of our first weekend in our new home. Move Day wish list? More…

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Friday Favourites · DIY Home Decor Projects

I love a good DIY project, but here’s the thing…I love the idea of it, more than I like the actual doing of it. When I started this blog, I had big dreams about creating and featuring countless DIY…


Friday Favourites · My Top Five Mobile Apps

“My name is Asta, and I’m an app snob.” Small town living has instilled in me the need to live a simplified, clutter-free life, and my mobile phone is no exception. I’m BAIE picky when it comes to apps.…