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Blogiversary and Smalltownversary Celebrations

I love celebrating anniversaries, of any kind (four years on, my André and I unashamedly still celebrate monthiversaries!), so it’s only fitting that I should celebrate my blogiversary (today! yay!) and our upcoming one-year smalltownversary (28 January) here on the blog. If you had told me, a year and a half ago, that I would be spending my days, writing and crafting, in a klein dorpie in the Karoo, I would’ve smiled wistfully, and said, “I wish!”. All my life I lived, worked…

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Toto, We’re Not In Kansas Anymore

We’re one month into our grand adventure and life is just that – grand. Small town life fits us like a glove. A snug, pink, knitted glove with wooly flowers stitched to it. Like the dresses your ouma used…