Zana – Never Lose Your Sparkle

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE myself some Zana. I just can’t get enough of their quirky prints and practical designs. You might have spotted my favourite Zana pillow covers here, and our Zana swiss cross cushion fits in perfectly with the rest of our monochrome couch cushion collection. I also managed to get my hands on one of the Zana fabric scrap packs which I’ll be using for my first DIY project!

To my absolute delight, Zana recently announced the launch of their new range. The collection features their new ‘bewitched’ print and ALL of the tassels (yay!), as well as my favourite thing – quotes! I reeeally really love the Eyes fabric pouch, the Sleep Tight pom pom cushion, and the sling pots.

Have a little look-see:









I would like one of EVERYTHING please!

You can shop the new Zana arrivals here.

P.S. My birthday is in JUNE 😉


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